Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I hope it isn't too soon to call it

But it looks like we've managed to keep the fish alive for an entire winter. Everything is melted now and the fish made it through. I even started pulling some leaves and such out of the pond when we were teased with some lovely 60 degree weather.

While I do enjoy working from home one of the things I do miss is the ride to work everyday in which last winter there were many days I'd see 2-3 bald eagles on the drive in. But the nature at home isn't that bad either. Yesterday the back field was flooded and a pair of ducks decided it would make a nice swimming hole. Well, until Selah saw them and scared them off and just about 20 minutes ago she scared off an entire flock of seagulls. My little barker!

The dogs are also happy about the warm up, they are spending a lot more time in the yard in between their nap sessions. I had no idea how much they slept until I started staying home all day. But D is almost 13 now. I'm going to make sure I get a lot of pictures of him this spring/summer since with old dogs you just never know.


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